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male cayuga ducks

Building a duck pond

What type of pond is best for your ducks? I’ve tried several variations, from the ‘high-end’ to the budget. Fancy more »

The homemade incubator

Don’t have a broody duck or chicken handy, but want to hatch some eggs? Home made incubators are not only more »

backyard ducks

The best backyard duck

The best backyard ducks, if you’re looking for a breed which can lay a lot and is very quiet would more »

duck house

Building a duck house

We made our duck house walls with layered cedar boards. Cedar, unlike other types of wood, is extremely durable and more »

backyard ducks

Incubation & Hatching

The easiest way to hatch eggs is with an incubator if you don’t have yourself a broody chicken or goose. more »

Raising ducklings

Ducklings are best kept in cardboard boxes, as they will soon outgrow their temporary home (as well as make it more »

backyard ducks

Taming your duck

Ducks have great personalities and an intelligence level similar to dogs. If you start early, you can teach your duck more »

duck eggs

Egg production & What to Feed them

Mm, there’s nothing like organic fresh eggs in the morning! My favorite type of laying duck is the Indian Runner, more »

cayuga ducklings

Duck language

The cantonese word for duck is “op”, which was derived from the sound that a duck makes. For english speakers, more »

backyard ducks

Introducing new additions to the flock

Introducing same size/age ducks is generally not a problem, as they will size each other and establish a pecking order more »

Blue Swedish

Among all the duck breeds which are recognized as ‘blue’, Blue Swedes are probably the closest to a true blue. more »

pekin duckling


Pekins are among the most popular backyard ducks. One look at them, and you can see why. It’s hard to more »

muscovy duckling

Muscovy Ducks

Muscovy ducks are remarkably adapted for survival. This resourceful duck, which appears to have no fear of humans, has taken more »

Cayuga ducks

Cayugas make great backyard pets because of their quiet voices, calm temperament and ability to lay 100-150 eggs a year. more »


This little guy is not actually a Mallard! He’s a florida mottled duck, which means the males look exactly like more »

runner duckling

Runner ducks

The Runner duck, or ‘Penguin duck’, has origins in the Far East. Originally bred by ancient Hindu civilizations in India, more »

call duckling

Call ducks

The most lovable things come in the smallest packages.. Call ducks are a bantam breed of duck, which means they more »

Duck health problems

Bumble foot  It’s a good idea to occasionally check the bottom of your duck’s feet for sores or other duck more »

Female ducks…mating!?

Yesterday I paid $50 for two laying female Welsh Harlequins who are approximately one year old. The next day, happily, more »

backyard ducks

Angel Wing & Duck tape

One of my Cayuga’s was developing a minor case of Angel Wing. Angel Wing is a condition that domestic ducks more »