Call ducks

baby call duck
The most lovable things come in the smallest packages.. Call ducks are a bantam breed of duck, which means they were bred and prized for their small size. Show quality Calls are so exceptionally tiny that the females never come of age and lay eggs.

I would have to rate calls ducks as number one in the personality department. They are incredibly curious, love to be petted and be around whoever they’re imprinted to. Mentally, call ducks never seem to grow up. They retain the same baby like personality as they did when they’re ducklings. They can be very affectionate and will dig into your hair or clothing with their beaks if you come and lay down next to them.

call ducks

Queen of the yoga mat

One of my females likes to claim all of my possessions. If I bring my laptop, or my yoga mat outside, she will be sure to run over and investigate it. If I go inside for a moment and come back out, she will doggedly refuse to move from her spot.

This lovable gal was able to fly, but although her wings could take her over my fence and out to the pond, she did not have the strength nor the endurance to fly back. As a result, I would have to keep a close eye on her and bring her home.

baby call duck
Male call ducks make perfect backyard ducks, but females may raise your stress level. Their calls can be simply earsplitting. My female used to call every time I left her alone in the yard with the other ducks. It was adorable but made the neighbors want to kill me. Check out her video here. Call ducks are energetic bug hunters and can feed themselves if left alone to forage all day without much supplementary nourishment. This duck definitely won’t break your pocket book.