Runner ducks

The Runner duck, or ‘Penguin duck’, has origins in the Far East. Originally bred by ancient Hindu civilizations in India, it was introduced to Southeast Asia and Bali when the Hindus migrated south to colonize new land and construct their massive temples (ie: Angkor Wat in Cambodia!) . Runner ducks have adapted to the harsher conditions of asia. They can survive on very little water, love to eat green stuffs and run like the dickens. Some runner ducks do not enjoy water at all and may even be afraid of it.┬áRunner ducks are good layers, and can produce anywhere from 200-250 eggs a year.

They are amazingly prolific given their lean bodies and small appetites. They are less prone to angel wing because they tend not to over eat.

Male runners can be very aggressive and territorial. I had one male that used to attack my ankles every time I turned my back, just like my male Chinese goose. They can also be overly aggressive with females and cause them to lose weight drastically. If this happens, be sure to separate your male from the flock.

backyard runner ducks

Toby the huggable tyrant

Runners are tall ducks and tower over most other breeds. Their feathers tend to get a musky smell if they don’t bathe often in clean water. They aren’t the quietist breed of duck, but they are fun to look at and have lots of personality. My male runner, despite his aggressive nature, enjoyed being held and carried under the arm of his 16 year old adoptive mother. He used to run after her, wings flapping, whenever she moved too far away from him.